Do we need landfill bans?

Why we need landfill bans identifies that £2.5bn of resources could be recovered each year by extending landfill restrictions similar to those applied to cars and waste electronics to food, textiles, wood, and plastics.

Our work in the past showed that landfill bans in the US and EU, when well designed, accompanied by policies which enable investment in alternative infrastructure, and when put in place with sufficient lead time have helped recover materials effectively. This publication shows that landfill diversion policies under the WEEE and EoLV directives have pushed us to capture much more value from resources in the UK too.

A well designed landfill ban could learn from the success of the landfill tax, and provide a long term signal to underpin investment in the alternative treatment infrastructure able to capture more value from waste. By moving away from weight based policy, landfill bans can help get the most from high value, low weight materials.

The infographic has received coverage in Business Green, Resource Magazine, E2B, MRW, and others.

It can be downloaded from Green Alliance’s website or by clicking the image above.

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